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I wanted to touch base with you. I can NOT thank you enough for crossing my path. To this day, I have not had an eye drop that has provided a long lasting relief (or feeling normal), ever, until now. It dawned on me today, as late afternoon approached, that I had not put 1 single drop in my eyes since putting my lenses in this morning.
Thanks you, truly, thank you!


Using HydraMed during the day and HydraMed Night Sensitive has allowed me to once again enjoy my hobby of cycling. I am able to put my contact lenses in without pain and when I remove them my eyes still have moisture. Until I found this combination of treatment I was unable to insert my lenses and I cannot ride without them.



HydraMed Night Sensitive is the best find I’ve come across, its the only lanolin free night ointment I’ve been able to source. Unknown to me I’m allergic to lanolin, my eyes would burn and swell with the other night ointments I’d previously used. Well done Farmigea, top product.



After suffering from contact lens dry-eye for any years, I had not found a solution that helped the discomfort. Other drops would just run down my face as soon as I put them in. The first time I tried HydraMed I noticed that the drops stayed in my eye and really soothed the discomfort. After repeated use I noticed the redness and grittiness was reduced. HydraMed has helped to change the way my eyes feel day-to-day. Not only that it is cheaper than any of the other products I’ve tried.

Pamela Martin


One of our team player sponsors brought in some samples of the HydraMed products. I thought that my eyes constantly weeping was nothing to do with dry eye, “why would I think that, they were always wet?” Their representative saw my eyes and said I should try the drops. They have massively changed the way my eyes feel. I can now work on my computer all day without wiping tears from my face.

Jane Smith

Leigh Leopards