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Hydramed 10ML

Sodium Hyaluronate (0.2% w/v), TS-Polysaccharide (0.2% w/v), Mannitol, Sodium citrate, Citric acid monohydrate, Water for injections.

HydraMed is a preservative free eye drops, solution of Sodium Hyaluronate and TS Polysaccharide.

1 drop in the eye one or more times daily, according to necessity.

Do not use if the container is damaged.
• The product is for external ophthalmic use only.
• Do not use if you are sensitive to any of the components.
• Do not use after the expiry date shown on the container.
• Do not touch the eye with the tip of the vial.
• After administration, in rare cases, a slight temporary blurring of vision may be observed due to the viscosity of the solution; it is therefore advisable to wait for a few seconds before any activity that requires clear vision.
• Leave at least 10-15 minutes before administration of any other ophthalmic drugs.
• Once opened, the bottle can be used for up to 90 days.
• Discard the container appropriately after use.
• Keep out of the sight and reach of children.
• Store below 25 °C.
• Do not swallow.

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